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Between the paint manufacturer and NICORR, a total of 40 years is covered on warranty for the paint on all our steel buildings.

NICORR buildings are precision coated with Akzo Nobel, Valspar or Beckry® Tech paints, which are all leading producers of paints, finishes and synthetic resins for industrial applications. The coatings used are referenced as "cool" coatings which have superior reflective qualities and consequently act as a thermal to keep the inside of buildings cooler.

Choose from many colors on our charts. Some additional colors are available. Please inquire if you are wanting a color that you are not finding on the chart (located under our Products pages).


PBR Roof Panels

Our 26 gauge Purlin Bearing Rib Panels are far stronger than the commonly used "R" roof panels because they have an extended overlap to provide a leak proof seal. PBR roof panels come standard on all NICORR steel metal buildings and a 20 year rust perforation warranty is included on Bare materials. A 40 year Paint warranty comes on all colors.

Steel Main Frame I-Beam Construction

Gray or Red Primer oxide or the use of galvanizing is applied on main frames as a protection against corrosion.

Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Fasteners

Engineered for rapid drilling, NICORR self-drilling fasteners resist slipping of the drill point thus minimizing surface damage. These fasteners used in conjunction with our neoprene washers provide a water tight seal. There is a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel capped fasteners.

Siliconized Polyester Coating

NICORR buildings are precision coated with paints from leading producers of finishes and synthetic resins. Our vendors, Akzo Nobel, Valspar & Beckry® Tech are our paint suppliers used to coat our coils. The coatings are referenced as "cool" which has a superior reflective quality and consequently acts as a thermal to keep the inside of buildings cooler.


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